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10 ways to make life lovely.

10 Ways to Make Life Lovely - Elizabeth Anne
There is nothing more pleasurable than participating in something you enjoy doing. Be it a craft such as sewing or relaxing with a good book, we all need a little time out from everyday stresses to unwind and recharge. Here is a little list of inspirations for savouring the simple pleasures in life.

1. Enjoy the autumn weather.

Wrap up in chunky knitwear and sturdy boots for an afternoon stroll in the autumnal sunshine. Bask in the beautiful scenery and take time out from everyday stresses. Need some fashion inspiration on what to wear? See my post here for practical but effortless style.

2. Add a little spice to your makeup.

Indulge in autumnal shades such as fiery reds, russet golds and forest greens in your makeup. Try a swipe of lipstick in a deep plum hue or a wash of gold on the eyelids. Sleek Makeup - Goodnight Sweetheart palette has some wonderful shades (I posed here) or if you prefer something more subtle, try Burt's Bees Ginger Spice lip balm which I reviewed here.

3. Add autumnal touches to your home.

Time to snuggle up with chunky knitted throws, soft cushions and beautifully scented candles. This cushion from ASDA is beautifully stitched with the quote "stay home & snuggle" among flora and fauna prints. No home would be complete without a wonderful chunky kitted throw and this one from Nordic House is perfect for cosying up in with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. See my autumnal home post here.

4. Create an autumnal wreath.

Fix seasonal items onto a wreath such as dried orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, ribbon and any other items with special wreath wire which you can purchase at any craft store. Hobbycraft has a lovely selection of DIY wreaths especially this rattan one here making it super easy to make your own wreath.

5. Relax and unwind with a beautiful bubble bath.

Immerse yourself in a luxurious hot bubble bath and take time to unwind. Gather your favourite products to use and let your mind drift into a

6. Savour the sounds of nature.

Relax and unwind by basking in the sounds of nature. Wildfulness is a free app that combines hand drawn animated nature scenes such as autumn breeze, winter mountains and stormy night with psychoacoustic 3D sounds to create a world filled with nature for you to enter any time.

7. Enjoy a hearty beef stew.

Perfect for chilly evenings cosying up by the fireside, a homemade hearty beef stew is easy to make and tastes even more delicious the day after. Use seasonal vegetables with good quality beef in a slow cooker to achieve the perfect melt-in-the-mouth texture.

8. Create a homemade potpourri.

In a bowl add some of your favourite seasonal scents. Try adding dried apple or orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, rose hips, pine cones or any other seasonal scented items of your choice. To enhance your potpourri, try adding a few drops of essential oils such as cedar wood, clove, cinnamon, orange or pine all work well together.

9. Take a photograph.

Whether it's your pet or a bunch of pretty flowers; saviour the memory by taking a photograph. You don't need an expensive camera either: most phones have a built-in camera which makes it so simple to achieve the perfect shot.

10. Take a nap.

Sometimes we need a little time to recharge and relax. Snuggle down for a nap or as I like to call them a "horizontal life pause" and allow yourself some time to unwind.

What do you like to do to relax and unwind?


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