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30 Days Wild | Day twenty six - Go strawberry picking.

Strawberry Picking - Elizabeth Anne
The quintessential art of strawberry picking has long since been imprinted on our British consciousness with many historical references dating back to Medieval times when newlyweds enjoyed strawberries with borage and soured cream, for their wedding breakfast believing them to have aphrodisiac properties, however, the strawberry's earliest reference was in Roman times around 200BC. A quote by the 17th century English writer Dr. William Butler, aptly describes the berry, "doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did."

Although strawberries and other berries are readily available from local supermarkets, have you thought of picking your own? Pick Your Own Farms is a fantastic database including finding your nearest farm, picking tips and how to preserve. For 30 Days Wild, why not go strawberry picking and make some delicious puddings or simply eat on their own?

Because supermarkets are readily available with fruit and vegetables, we can enjoy our favourites all year long, but have you considered when this particular fruit/vegetable is in season? Would you know what time of the year to pick? Well here is a mini guide of when best to pick fruit and vegetables, but I would recommend contacting your local farm to check before setting off.
Strawberry Picking - Elizabeth Anne

What to pick a when

March - April: Asparagus
May - June: Strawberries
June - July: Cherries
June - August: Blackberries and Blueberries
July - September: Plums, Figs, Tomatoes and Green Beans
July - October: Raspberries
August: Figs, early Apples
September - October: Apples and Grapes
October: Late Apples and Pumpkins
December: Christmas Trees

Strawberry picking tips

Pick early in the morning when the strawberries are cool.
The fruit should be picked with the stem attached, this is achieved by grasping the stem with thumb and forefinger and pinching.
It is best to use the fruit straightaway. If stored for several days, can loose its freshness, bright colour and deteriorate in quality.
For best storage, store the berries at 40°F or 4.4°C.
Strawberry Picking - Elizabeth Anne
Do you enjoy strawberry picking? Let me know in the comments section below.


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