Tuesday, 21 June 2016

30 Days Wild | Day twenty one - Go on a walk.

Kniveton, Ashbourne.
Go on a Walk - Elizabeth Anne
There can be one thing said for owning a Springer Spaniel is that they never tire and never get fed up of walking. There is actually something therapeutic in walking alongside my pooch and watching him enjoy the freedom of the countryside. He never fails to amuse me when he reaches the gates on our morning walk and as a gentleman, stands back to allow me to pass through first and gives me that 'can I come too?' look. Springer Spaniels are typically bred for flushing out game, although are also used in the police as sniffer dogs. The term 'Springer' comes from its historical hunting role, where the dog would flush (spring) birds into the air.

I enjoy walking; more so with my furry companion and if time allows, can be a whole morning devoted to exploring and admiring the beautiful views. For 30 Days Wild, I am encouraging dog and none-dog owners to get outdoors and walk! You don't need specialist equipment or to be an expert but just to get into the fresh air and leave everyday stresses behind.
On my morning walk we pass lots of farmers fields (at the moment filled with cattle) and some where wildflowers bloom, then following the path come out into the foot of the village next to (conveniently) the pub and phone box leading up to the church and primary school. Veering off to the left, we enter the fields and walk across passing a small stream along the way and following the path through two more fields and into a small wooded area where ferns and Forget-Me-Nots are in full bloom and robins and blackbirds can be heard singing poetically, finally emerging onto the road side and making our way home. A small walk but ever so beautiful and I would not change it for the world. And I don't think Ben would either.
Go on a Walk - Elizabeth Anne

Walks Information

National Trust has some good information on places to walk your dog.
Find dog walks in your area with Walkies. An extensive list of walks which allows you to set 'features' including: car parking, toilets, picnic areas and refreshments.
For none-dog walkers, try Walking Britain, a free resource including information and photos on various walks.
For the more serious walkers or those interested in following particular walks, Ordnance Survey maps are a great resource.

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