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30 Days Wild | Day twenty five - Watch and listen to birds.

Birdwatch - Elizabeth Anne
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a bird hopping cheerfully around your garden or perched on a feeder helping themselves to seed and nuts. I try to keep the feeders in our garden topped up (especially throughout the winter when food can be scarce) and gives me a warm feeling when I see birds flutter into the garden for their breakfast/lunch/dinner. I do enjoy spotting birds (and getting quite good at naming them!) and where I live has a good mix of wild birds including our resident Mr and Mrs pheasant, robins, blackbirds, crows and rooks, blue tits, magpies, herons, great tits, pied wagtails but there are too many to list but nevertheless are beautiful and a pleasure to see. One of my favourite poems by John Clare 'The Skylark' has a wonderful description of their nesting habits and is aptly put: "had they the wing, like such a bird, themselves would be too proud, and build on nothing but a passing cloud."

The best thing about watching birds is that you do not have to go far. You can simply sit at your window and watch them flutter in and out of your garden. Make sure there is food and water and as soon as they've found it, I can guarantee they'll always be popping in. For 30 Days Wild I'd love you to spend an afternoon looking for our wild feathery avians, be it in your garden or you local wildlife reserve. Also RSCP has some information on birdwatching.
There are lots of wonderful books about bird-spotting and general study guides. Some books comes with CDs which you can listen to a variety of different bird species. Here are some of my favourites:

RSBP Birdwatching for Beginners - Rob Hume | Link.
Usborne Nature Trail Book of the Countryside | Link.
The Birdwatcher's Year - Richard Williamson | Link.
Spotting and Jotting Guide: Our British Birds - Matt Sewell | Link.
Our Garden Birds - Matt Sewell | Link.
Our Songbirds - Matt Sewell | Link.
Our Woodland Birds - Matt Sewell | Link.

So next time you're out walking or sitting in the garden, look out for our feathery friends. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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