Friday, 3 June 2016

30 Days Wild | Day three - Take a photograph.

Take a Photograph - Elizabeth Anne
Weather on your camera or on your phone, why not take a wildlife-inspired photograph? There are all kinds of inspiration around us from wild flowers to wonderful wildlife. It could be on a country walk or sat relaxing in your garden. For day three of 30 Days Wild, I am encouraging you to take a photograph and if you upload to Instagram or Twitter, don't forget the hashtag #30DaysWild. The following snapshots are taken from my Instagram account and are all taken using my phone so you don't need anything fancy! You can check my Instagram here.


Pint out your photos and place into a pretty frame or stick into a scrapbook.
The Sugar Shed prints your photos onto wood giving a bespoke, hand-finished and unique touch.
Why not make your photos into magnets? Sticky9 lets you pick your photos and size.

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