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20 things to do this Autumn.

Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
20 Things to do this Autumn - Elizabeth Anne
In need of a little autumnal inspiration? Here is a list of ideas to make your Autumn lovely.

1. Hunt for conkers.

Relive schooldays with a game of conkers. Read the National Trust's guide to picking the perfect conker.

2. Go on an autumnal picnic.

Wrap up warm with blankets, fill flasks with luxury hot chocolate and enjoy the crisp autumn air or alternatively, sit out in the garden.

3. Watch the wildlife.

Stack logs in a corner of your garden ready for wildlife to spend the winter. Find out more tips at the Wildlife Trust

4. Forage for berries.

Forage for berries and make delicious fruit pies or crumbles. Remember to leave some for the wildlife as they depend on these throughout autumn and winter.

5. Press autumnal flowers.

Capture flora and fauna changing into rich and vibrant hues. Place your chosen flowers between blotting paper and pile some heavy books on top. Leave for a few weeks and use in any of your crafting creations.

6. Go for a walk.

Pull on your wellies and go for a walk in the fresh air. Kick up autumn leaves and enjoy nature's changing palette.

7. Enjoy a hot chocolate.

Experiment with hot chocolate flavours... try hazelnut or caramel or even blackberry! Add a generous serving of cream and lashings of marshmallows and sprinkles.

8. Wear cosy knitwear.

Snuggle up warm in soft knitwear. Cashmere is my favourite as its super soft and luxurious.

9. Infuse autumnal-hued shades into your makeup.

Think russet reds, rich plums and mossy greens.

10. Have a movie night.

Cosy up on a chilling evening with a movie and popcorn or perhaps have a movie marathon? Or watch your favourite series.

11. Add extra blankets to your bed.

Snuggle up warm in bed with extra blankets and cushions. There's nothing more welcoming after a long day than a freshly made bed welcoming you to visit the land of nod.

12. Visit farmers' markets.

Revel in local artisan food and enjoy homemade produce at farmers' markets. I adore visiting these, not only helping farmers and the local community but eating fresh, local produce. Most stalls will offer you to try their food before you purchase and give you recipe ideas too!

13. Stay in an historic building.

Ever fancied staying in a castle? or perhaps a cosy cottage? Or 'that' place you read about in your book? Landmark Trust offers you the chance to stay in an historical building in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

14. Read a book.

Snuggle up on a chilly autumn evening with a good book.

15. Make something lovely.

String up pretty garland or attach leaves to wooden pegs for an autumnal twist. Get out your knitting needles and make a cute cosy for your teapot or favourite mug. Whatever floats your boat! See my craft inspirations on Pinterest.

16. Create an autumnal wreath.

Use natural finds like bramble, ferns and acorns to make a pretty wreath. Attach to florists' wire and hang on your door with string. Hobbycraft has a great selection.

17. Enjoy a hearty meal.

This time of the year is perfect for stews, casseroles, soups and pies. (A slow cooker is ideal.) Use vegetables normally found at this time of the year such as root vegetables for the perfect autumn feast.

18. Invest in canine couture. 

Don't forget to wrap your pet up warm when out for walkies! There's lots of places that sell coats but my favourites are from Barbour and Mutts and Hounds

19. Indulge and pamper yourself.

Dedicate an evening to yourself and unwind with a hot bubble bath. Perhaps give yourself a mini facial or paint your nails. Saviour the little pleasures in life and enjoy the benefits of relaxation. Or if you're feeling tired, give yourself an early night or a quick nap (or as I call them 'horizontal life pauses.')

20. Take time to celebrate autumnal festivals. 

Light the way to a bonfire with decorated jam jars using leaves and twine. Sit around a crackling fire or make a Guy using old clothes. Carve pumpkins and play traditional games like bobbing for apples and tell spooky stories. Serve up Halloween must-eats like pumpkin pie and butternut squash soup. Let your creative side shine!

Please feel free to add more to this list and leave a comment telling me what you enjoy doing during autumn!


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