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Chatsworth country fair | Day one & Adam Henson interview.

Chatsworth House, Bakewell.
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
One of the main highlights of the countryside calendar is the annual Chatsworth Country Fair. Dubbed ‘Palace of the Peaks,’ the Chatsworth Estate is situated in the idyllic Peak District among lush grass, therapeutic sounds of the River Derwent (which runs through the estate) and poetic bird song; the country fair brings together the finest representation of the quintessential British countryside. A fantastic 3-day event for all the family and friends.
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
Within the stunning backdrop of the Chatsworth House bathed in golden sunshine lies trade and craft stalls, countryside pursuits, fairground rides and games, artisan crafts, culinary creativeness and breathtaking grand ring entertainment. A whole host of activities, there is sure to be something for everyone at any age. A packed grand ring entertainment program featuring Ukrainian Cossack Stunt Team, Essex Dog Display Team, Jump4Heros Parachute Display team, Band of the Corps of the Royal Engineers among classic favourites such as the Red Arrows. 
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
I was lucky and privileged to be able to interview Adam Henson at the Chatsworth Country Fair. You may recognise Adam from BBC’s Country File program. He lives and runs a working farm in the idyllic Cotswolds with his wife and two children, Ellie and Alfie. Voted Britain’s favourite farmer, the down-to-Earth Adam and I chatted about all things countryside and his favourite British puddings! (PS. Cardhu, the Eastern Chanting Goshawk was absolutely huge but very beautiful and regal.)

What do you love most about living in the countryside?

Adam chats to me about the various aspects he loves about the countryside. Among wildlife, lush green fields and the changing seasons, he explains that his favourite thing about the British countryside is the openness. “I love the openness and fresh air, the sense of freedom when walking in the countryside is perfect.”

What is your favourite British pudding?

Having quite a taste for classic British puddings such as spotted dick, treacle sponge, ginger cake and using wholesome ingredients sourced from the countryside, the overall winner is the classic bread and butter pudding. However, choosing a topping was rather difficult for Adam. When asked if he prefers custard or cream with his bread and butter pudding, he replies with “both! And some ice cream too.”

What is your earliest memory about living in the countryside?

Adam relates to me how he was helping his Dad on the farm at the age of five. "With a flock of 500 ewes, my Dad said to stand at the gateway and wave my arms to stop the ewes escaping. The ewes ran and knocked me over! I remember scrambling to get up, spitting out bits of dust and crying saying sorry to my Dad."

Describe your perfect weekend.

“It would be with my family at home or out on the farm.”

What is your favourite season?

“Spring. Going through the winter… it’s quite hard on a farm all the rain and mud, but with those fresh shoots coming out of the leaves on trees, green grass: it’s absolutely beautiful. It may sound corny but what I love doing is walking with the kids and dogs across a flower meadow with ewes and lambs. It’s just lovely.”

Name one thing you cannot live without.

Jokingly, Adam replies “my heart.” 
Chatsworth Country Fair - Elizabeth Anne
It was a pleasure being able to chat to Adam Henson (PS. Excuse the wind-swept hair!) Check back for what I go up to on Day 2 of the Chatsworth Country Fair!


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